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Aren't Acers Amazing

Aren't Acers Amazing

We cannot enter into spring without mentioning Acer palmatum.  The frenzy of unfurling foliage in the spring is just as spectacular as the autumn leaf colour Acer palmatum are renowned for. 

Acer palmatum are popular for use in Japanese gardens, cottage gardens and small gardens (depending on variety).  Many have a graceful habit that lend themselves to the back and middle of a mixed border. 

Acer palmatum are on the whole pretty slow growing which again lends them perfectly for use in small gardens.  They can also be grown in containers in ericaceous compost and a layer of mulch every two years or so will not go amiss.  They are a relatively easy plant to grow with minimal pruning and maintenance needed.   They are happy in dappled shade where the morning sun does not hit the leaves early in the season. 

In stock we currently have every shape and size you could possibly need for creating a statement with a delicate tree that works hard but looks quite demure while it does so.  Have a look on this link to our stocklist.  Meanwhile we have a few images below to whet your appetite. 


Acer p. Aureum                        Acer p.d Ornatum                      Acer p.  Shishi-gashiri