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Harvington Hellebores

Harvington Hellebores

Much sought after and at last they are now here; Helleborus x hybridus Harvington Hybrids

These Hellebores have lovely large flowers from that are freely produced from December right up until the end of March.  Each plant has wonderful glossy evergreen foliage providing year-round interest. 

Reliable to flower and with some stunning colour choices there is still time to enjoy the Harvingtons:

  • Harvington Pink
  • Harvington Cream Speckled
  • Harvington Double Pink
  • Harvington Lime
  • Harvington Picotee
  • Harvington Pink Speckled
  • Harvington Pink
  • Harvington Red
  • Harvington Shades of Night
  • Harvinton White
  • Harvington Yellow