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Colourful Columnar Conifers

Colourful Columnar Conifers

Conifers are valuable plants for providing colour and shape in the garden.   Structure and colour are important elements when selecting choices for the garden.  We have selected some choice columnar conifers that display excellent foliage colour either all year round or seasonally. 

Taxus x media ‘Stefania’ forms a slender columnar bush with a very dense habit.  The foliage is bright yellow – green in colour and matures to dark green with light yellow margins giving a very attractive look.  A very tough plant reaching a height of 3m when mature. 

Taxus baccata ‘David’ is a slow growing yew with striking golden yellow foliage.  This Taxus has a narrow upright habit and is great for making a statement.  Tough and tolerant of pollution ‘David’ also looks great when surrounded with underplanting of spring flowering bulbs and summer flowering ground cover herbaceous.  Height 1.5m

Juniperus scopulorum ‘Blue Arrow’ has a brilliant common name; Rocky Mountain Juniper.  A small cypress-like conifer of conical habit with blue foliage.  These are very useful options for the garden and can be used as hedging, stand alone specimens and also when planted in groups of 3 of differing heights.  Height 2.5m.  Spread 0.5m


Taxus x media ‘Stefania’