New product - MobiRoof - Sedum & Wildflower Cassette

New product - MobiRoof - Sedum & Wildflower Cassette

MobiRoof is a ready-to-use green roof system that consists of a plant cassette filled with substrate.

There are now 2 types of MobiRoof cassettes that can be purchased, the Sedum Cassette and the Sedum & Wildflower Cassette. We have offered the Sedum variety of MobiRoof for quite some time now and it has proven to be very popular. The MobiRoof - Sedum & Wildflower Cassette has just landed. The latest cassette is provided with the 6-8 different types of sedum and a wild flower mix comprised of a variety of flowers, flowering herbs and ornamental grasses (20 to 24 species).

The benefits of MobiRoof – Sedum & Wildflower cassette

The blend of wild flowers looks fantastic, and increases biodiversity on the roof thanks to the different heights, flowering periods and colours of the flowers.

The plants improve air quality by absorbing CO2 and capturing particulates, and significantly extend the life of roofing material by protecting it against weather influences such as UV radiation.

The cassettes are a fantastic way of increasing Biodiversity Net Gain in a simple and effective way.

Ready and easy to install.  Low Maintenance.  Can be used on flat and slightly sloping roofs.  Low maintenance.  Made from recycled material and fully recyclable. 

Ideal for use as a green roof on housing, large buildings, utility construction, factories, sheds, bike stores and bus shelters. 

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