Bamboo – a great all-round plant

Bamboo – a great all-round plant

Bamboo has a multitude of uses and suits many different styles of garden design.

Commonly used for screening, Bamboos can also be used for focal point planting, adding height to a border and providing an elegant silhouette.

Equally at home in Japanese, tropical style, woodland areas and contemporary design styles, Bamboos are also a great choice in sensory gardens providing touch, sound and movement.

For a contemporary look, the stems can be stripped of the leaves leaving the coloured canes to be the main highlight.  This is often used in gardens to create a dramatic look against a rendered wall or to provide an almost multi-stem tree effect being able to see through the stems to the garden beyond.

Bamboo are tolerant of most conditions other than a waterlogged soil and will thrive in containers when given regular irrigation. 

Fargesia are clump-forming and very graceful in nature providing an exotic appearance adding texture to borders.

Phyllostachys tend to be taller in height and are more valued for their colourful stems. 

Plant Phyllostachys with Bamboo Control System with the liner covering the sides of the planting hole ensuring an overlap.  The barrier should protrude around 7cm above the soil surface.

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