10% of sales going to Perennial

10% of sales going to Perennial

We know it is Valentines Day today and there is always much to celebrate on such a loving day, but there is one extra day in the calendar this year, 29th February and we’re going to celebrate that instead.

We could follow some of the traditions for a leap year where admirers leave small birch trees adorned with ribbons on the doorstep of their crush, attend a party in Texas for leap year babies or wear scarlet petticoats. All of which sound rather fun to be honest, but at Provender Nurseries, we thought we would make the most of an extra day and make the day make a difference by supporting Perennial.

Provender Nurseries have supported Perennial with donations since 2013 and became a Perennial Partner in April 2018.

For all Cash and Carry sales taken on the 29th February, we will donate 10% to Perennial, the only charity dedicated to providing support to all people working in the many varied fields of horticulture.

Pop in on the 29th February and help make a day make a difference.

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