Super Stachyurus. A true winter wonder plant.

Super Stachyurus.  A true winter wonder plant.

Stachyurus is a real winter wonder. A truly fabulous plant with graceful, arching, stiff, dark purple-brown stems and pendant racemes of pale-yellow cup shaped flowers from February through to April. The broad green leaves taper to a point and have a good autumn colour.

A graceful addition to a dappled shaded garden, border or woodland garden. Prefers an acidic to neutral soil in partial shade. 

Once you see one of these in full flower, you will be smitten!

Stachyurus praecox. The earliest flowering option with red-purple shoots. 

Stachyurus chinensis 'Joy Forever'. Dark green leaves edged with and occasionally spotted with yellow before taking on bronze colouration in the winter months.

Stachyurus chinensis 'Celina' has longer racemes than other Stachyurus, up to 20cm + in length. 

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