Swanley's Shed

Swanley's Shed

Last week, we held a staff raffle at the nursery. The prize was a beautiful, handmade wreath created by one of our team members, Nicola. The money raised went to Swanley’s Shed.

Swanley’s Shed opened in January 2023 and is based on the Men’s Shed concept. The shed is open to both men and women. Their aim is to create a place to pursue practical interests at leisure and practice skills. Swanley’s Shed has various different circles that they created to cater to all of their member's interests. For example, women’s sewing, repairing bicycles and woodworking.

Paul, a Community Warden for Kent County Council and Geoff, the secretary of Swanley’s Shed attended the raffle and picked out the winning number.

We raised £68 for Swanley’s Shed, the members were very happy.

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