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GOING GREEN. Now to the Lawn

GOING GREEN. Now to the Lawn

Lawns are in active growth at this time of year and the humming of lawnmowers is the background noise to summer along with birdsong.  All clients like a clean green lawn.  Lawns need feeding on a regular basis to keep a healthy sward and to discourage the growth of moss and weeds which compete for nutrients. 

If your client has pets and has asked for lawn treatments that are pet and child friendly then this section is for you. 

Safelawn (Westland) is a great all round treatment that is safe to use in the vicinity of children and pets.  100% organic way to prevent the growth of moss and weeds in lawn with the addition of grass seed to fill in the resulting patches.  Contains friendly bacteria which breaks down the moss and weeds and added plant nutrients to help the grass grow.   Best applied from February to September every 3-4 weeks after mowing.  We hold 2 sizes in stock, 80m2 and 400m2 for use in amenity areas and domestic gardens. 

MO Bacter Lawn Fertiliser was first stocked here on site about 3 years ago and it has rapidly grown in popularity with many of you.   Although it is safe for use when pets are in the area it is recommended that pets are kept off the area for 24 – 48 hours after application.  Mo Bacter is an organic fertiliser with added bacteria that acts as a moss killer. MO Bacter is best used in spring and early autumn, and works without having to rake out the dead moss.   Nutrients are slowly released over a 12 week period.  Apply MO Bacter at 100g per square metre, this over feeds and then kills the moss with its high potash content, the bacteria then consumes the dead moss. Unlike Lawn Sand this product will not stain paths, patios and stonework. Soil temperature needs to be above 50C.  Available in 3 sizes. 

MO Bacter Recovery is an organic fertiliser for restoring damaged lawns.  Safe for children and pets.  Use between March to October.  Suitable for use on new lawns of seed or turf.  Contains an intensive feed that is active for up to 100 days.  Produces new shoots to thicken the lawn.  Contains Hummifirst - a unique combination of Humic and Fulvic acid that stimulate root growth.  Available in 3 sizes. 

Maxicrop Mosskiller & Lawn Tonic is an organic quick acting lawn tonic that contains a natural organic seaweed base and ferrous sulphate to kill moss and offering rapid greening of turf.  The moss blackens rapidly and stimulates grass growth.   Keep children and pets off the treated area until the product has dried.  Use between March and September, for best results early spring application is best.  Analysis 2:0:0 with Iron 16.4%.  4 sizes held in stock. 

Don’t forget to use spreaders for easy and even application of all lawn fertilisers.  We have Rotary and Broadcast spreaders in stock.