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Green Roofs

Green Roofs

The smallest of spaces can be put over to bringing wildlife to an area.  The upsurge of Green Roofs in gardens and on structures has really become the thing to do if space is limited.

Green roofs can be used on shed roofs, wood store, bike store and bin store roofs.  With minimal maintenance and a plant mix that looks great all year round any surface can be covered in a green roof.  On larger scales green roofs can help to insulate buildings in the winter and cool them down in the summer.  They also help to reduce CO2 in the air. 

Green Roof Sedum Modules make it so much easier to install and work out size area.  Each module is planted with up to 6 different types of Sedum and can be easily linked together to cover any surface. 

NB.  Before installing any green roofs always ensure that the structure can bear the weight of the roof when wet.