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Fancy a bit of houseplant foliage?

Here at Provender Nurseries, we love plants of all kinds and we simply could not resist these rather tempting Alocasias.

For foliage fanciers, Alocasia have to be top of the ‘must have’ list and we have two beautiful options on site, Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Stingray’ 2L and Alocasia zebrina 2L.

The totally tropical houseplants are easy to care for and make a statement with their large exotic leaves.

Stingray has uniquely shaped dark green leaves with a long drip tip resembling the tail of a Stingray.

Alocasia zebrina has the arrow shaped leaves typical of any Alocasia with the added dimension of zebra striped stems for that WOW factor.

These exotic delights can be found in garden centres and houseplant sellers for between £15.00 to £20.00 retail, here at Provender Nurseries, we have them at only £10.00 retail, before your trade discount is applied.

Best be quick as we only have 150 in stock!!!

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