Spotlight On: Fargesia

Spotlight On: Fargesia

Fargesia, the perfect plant for adding an exotic feel to a sensory garden.

The elegant, clump-forming, non-invasive bamboos are great for planting in borders and grow to the ideal height for a hedge. Fargesia have an upright habit which makes them ideal for providing privacy and shelter. Depending on the variety, they can reach between 2-4m tall, making them great for smaller gardens.

Many Fargesia have ornamental stems and dense foliage cover. In the spring, new canes appear with lush, young foliage adding to their ornamental value as plants. They are quick to establish if given adequate water. As with all Bamboo, they do like a lot of water which should be considered if placing in pots in exposed sites.

Likes full sun to semi-shade.

You really cannot go wrong with a Fargesia! We have lots of varieties in stock, including:

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