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Cotinus is a fabulous plant that is known for its colour through many seasons.

Commonly known as the Smoke Bush due to the frothy plumes of flowers borne in profusion in July through to August. The flowers themselves are tiny and very dainty and are produced in such large numbers in clusters that they resemble plumes of smoke appearing over the decorative foliage. In the autumn the foliage puts on a dazzling display of colour before falling. The emerging spring foliage tends to be very vibrant too.

Cotinus form bushy shrubs that fill a space with aplomb and colour. Adding colour to a mixed border and can be used in mixed plantings to great effect, acting as an excellent background plant for other late summer flowering plants.

Plant in sun to partial shade for best foliage colour. There is nothing quite like the sun shining through a Cotinus leaf in late summer and autumn. Cotinus are pretty easy to look after with a fertile soil needed and a good mulch every year or so.

There are many options to choose from, here are just a few we would like to highlight:

Dusky Maiden - compact form with small purple leaves.

Young Lady – vibrant acid green circular foliage that turns red – yellow in the autumn.

Grace - a well-known variety that can reach up to 6m. Large oval purple leaves.

Royal Purple – probably the most well-known variety with a wine-red autumn foliage. shown in the image.

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