Prunus laurocerasus Sofia

Prunus laurocerasus Sofia

NEW to Provender Nurseries, grown in our own production facilities in Kent in peat-free compost

Prunus lau. Sofia is set to take the market by storm. Glossy evergreen foliage with narrow serrated glossy evergreen leaves. Compact in growth habit giving excellent dense foliage cover.

Sofia is a versatile addition to the Prunus laurocerasus family as it lends itself well to hedging, pruning into topiary balls or cones, as stand alone plants.

Extremely heat and cold tolerant making it an excellent choice for our changing challenging climate. Sofia will survive winters of down to -25oC to extreme summer heat of 38OC.

The compact growth means it is great for use in smaller gardens.

Height 150cm. Spread 120cm.

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