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Prickly Pear anyone?

Prickly Pear anyone?

Fancy something a bit different? Check out our Prickly Pears, otherwise known as Opuntia.

Opuntia are cacti that just love an extremely well drained soil and a sunny, sunny spot. Best of all, they require very little water to remain happy and hearty.

Perfect  for planting at the foot of a south facing wall for summer display, in containers, atriums and indoors. We have 5 different Opuntia to choose from in stock, each one a delight and a definite talking point.

Our plants have been producing flowers happily for the last few weeks in the warm weather, just look at those lovely blooms.

Bring indoors for the winter months to protect from frost. Some Opuntia can withstand being left outside for winter but will need protection from heavy rainfall and frosts.

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