Strulch Mulch

Strulch Mulch

An organic mulch made in the UK from wheat straw with added iron minerals. The patented process preserves the straw up to 2 years giving long lasting weed control and moisture retention in the soil.

Strulch is 100% peat free, sustainable and encourages earthworm activity improving soil structure. An application of Strulch acts as a great slug and snail deterrent. Neutral PH means that Strulch can be used on all plants in the garden and vegetable beds.

An excellent all round mulch product as used at the Eden Project and part of our Going Green range of products. One 150L bag covers an area of 4.5 square meters. 

Permanent price reduction - was £15.00 now reduced to £12.00** 

**Prices quoted before trade discount


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