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Styrax japonicus 'June Snow'

Styrax japonicus 'June Snow'

Styrax are small deciduous ornamental trees that positively drip with small snowdrop like flowers in May to July.

Styrax japonicus 'June Snow' has a narrow upright habit with distinctive upright branches covered in a profusion of long lasting, snow white sweetly scented flowers with yellow stamens than hang longer than the petals themselves. As the petals fall a carpet of snow is formed beneath the tree.

Bees are particularly attracted to Styrax making them an excellent choice if attracting pollinators to the garden is your intention. The leaves are glossy green in colour, changing to yellow in the autumn. The bark peels to reveal orange bark below in the winter months.

June Snow is an excellent choice for small gardens reaching around 6m in height and 2.5m spread.

Styrax has a full list of excellent attributes including being pollution tolerant, suited to coastal planting, good for woodland gardens, resistant to deer and to top it all is pest and disease free.

Plant in full sun to partial shade in a slightly acidic soil.

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