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Olives are in

Olives are in

Olives are still as popular as ever. Olives are one of the plants we are asked for by many of our clients as the elegant grey foliage evokes memories of holidays in sunnier climates.

Being of Mediterranean origin, they are used to dealing with a wide range of conditions including heat / sunlight, frost and drought. Olives are pretty adaptable plants and can cope with extreme conditions.

Plant in the sunniest position you can find. Water well during the growing season, ensuring good drainage. As with all Olives, they prefer a well drained soil and whether planting on containers or the ground we recommend planting in Provender Lightweight Mix or adding gravel to Rosedale Peat Free compost. As with all woody plants we recommend using Mycorrhizal Fungi to aid root establishment.

A light prune is all that is needed each year to keep to shape if required. Prune when in full active growth in the summer months before the onset of colder weather.

There are many Olive options to choose from on site including some with extremely old bark and small standards for a more formal look.

All plants are imported according to DEFRA and Plant Healthy guidelines.

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