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Container Planting. Drip / Micro Irrigation

Container Planting.  Drip / Micro Irrigation

With water becoming a scarce resource according to latest reports in the newspapers drip irrigation is a worthwhile investment especially when you have plants in containers.   It is also surprisingly easy to install. 

The best way by far to water containers, baskets and mangers of all sizes is with micro irrigation.  The drips deliver water directly to the soil eliminating water waste and delivering water directly to the soil and root zone where the water is needed.  Micro irrigation provides constant, accurate and gentle watering.  Installed correctly micro irrigation is unobtrusive and is not visible. 

We hold starting kits in stock to get you started and all the necessary attachments and feeding tubes should you need to extend. 

The Aqua Magic Solar Powered Drip Irrigation Kit contains all the components needed for up to 20 pots and is also powered by energy from the sun.  The solar powered timer contains a small electric pump that draws the water and distributes water evenly to the pots.

  • Drip Irrigation Starter Kit contains all the components for up to 20 in-line drippers.   
  • Drip Irrigation Starter Kit ORTO contains all the components for up to 60 in-line drippers.   

For a more efficient application of water to pots and containers, water timers are a brilliant idea.  They can be timed to water when you or your client is away on holiday or just simply to make watering a much more simple task.  Water can be timed to be applied either early in the morning or in the evening when less water is lost to evaporation in the heat of the day. Watering in the cooler hours really does save on water wastage.

We hold a wide range of drip irrigation, accessories, timers and starter kits in stock.  If you need any advice on installing, please ask for Dan as he is our resident expert.