Renke's Little Green Spotted at Futurescape!

Renke's Little Green Spotted at Futurescape!

A little bit about Renke’s Little Green

Taxus Baccata ‘Renke’s Little Green’, previously known as ‘Taxus baccata 'Renke's Kleiner Gruner’ are the perfect choice when it comes down to topiary and small dense hedging. Little Green have no main leader shoot; therefore, they respond well to pruning, producing more side shoots as a result.

We first spotted the Little Green Taxus at Wisely a few years ago and have been very keen to get our hands on them since. Fast-forward to now… We have a variety of different plants from this supplier to offer to our customers! In fact, we like Renke’s Little Green so much that they are featured in our most recent Spotlight On and they even got a trip out of the nursery to visit the Futurescape event!

Renke’s Little Green @ Futurescape

We took some of our Taxus Baccata ‘Renke’s Little Green’ plants to our most recent Futurescape event and granted, they got a lot of attraction. So… we decided to hand some of these out to our stand visitors.

Did you get given one? Share a photo over on Instagram and FaceBook to show us how your Renke’s Little Green is doing!

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