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Good husbandry is key to healthy plants.

Good husbandry is key to healthy plants.

Stuart gave us an insight into how and why we hold our root ball hedging stock in straw bales...

‘’Our root ball hedging plants are located in the green house this year and are sitting on composted bark mulch with straw bales standing either side of them. This way we can control the amount of water we give the root balls and the straw bales around them will prevent them from drying out. This way we can maintain a much better quality of ball of soil around the roots, which in turn will help the establishment of the plants.

Plus after the season all of the materials can be re-used on site mulching our flower beds.’’

As you can see, looking after plants and keeping them in top notch condition is at the heart of everything we do, no matter how small. Plus, we get to recycle the fine bark afterwards on our planted beds around site.

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