Root Ball and BULK BUY hedging

Root Ball and BULK BUY hedging

It is root ball season and what magnificent plants we have in stock. Ready to plant and ready to make a difference in your client’s gardens.

Taxus. From 80-100cm up to 160-180cm

Fagus. Excellent plants and value at 175-200cm

Buxus. Good sturdy plants at 50-60cm heights


BULK BUY Hedging deals

For the first time we have BULK BUY prices on some of our root ball hedging options.

We know that hedges are not made of one plant alone! So, we have introduced BULK BUY price deals on some of our most popular hedging plants. Applicable to a range of our root ball, you will find something here to suit your planting plan and pockets.

Buy 20 plants or more and the price drops. Contact our sales team for more information on or call on 01322 662 315.


Native Hedging

For attracting wildlife and increasing biodiversity, native hedging choices tick every box there is. Year round interest, wildlife corridors, structure, protection, nesting sites and food, all of our root ball hedging options will provide this and more to passing birds, insects and mammals. A native hedge is probably the easiest way to improve biodiversity in your planting plans.


Don’t Forget

As when planting any hedge, there are some things to do at the planting stage that will make for a happier, healthier hedge in the long run.

Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi. Always plant using Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi. This fantastic naturally occurring fungi colonises the roots increasing the root surface area and as a result the amount of water and nutrient uptake. Once you have this product, you will continue to use it again and again. Check out our factsheet here.

Mulch. Any of the bark options we hold in stock can be used as a mulch. Mulch is magic as it helps the roots retain water, improves soil structure and reduces weeding. What more do you need!

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