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Prunus laurocerasus Elly

Prunus laurocerasus Elly

A fabulous option for hedging, the narrow, columnar plants Prunus laurocerasus Elly is a tight growing Cherry laurel that creates a neat upright hedge. If instant, crisp, healthy looking hedging is your thing, then look no further.


Elly has been available for a couple of years now and with its neat, tidy, upright growth is proving to be a bit of a hit. This new introduction has an elegant, slender habit with long dark green leaves that are held upright adding to the overall upright look to the plant.


Altogether a tidier option for hedging with little or no pruning required. Elly reaches about 3m in height and 80cm – 1m in spread. Elly is just as hardy as other Prunus hedging options and all the same requirements.

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