Taxus baccata Renke’s Kleiner Gruner

Taxus baccata Renke’s Kleiner Gruner

We first highlighted thus new dwarf form of Taxus back in May, but it is such a good plant that we thought it deserved a second airing.

Innovative plant breeding has produced Taxus Renke's Kleiner Gruner, the PERFECT choice for dense dwarf hedging.

This form has no central leader resulting in a multi-stemmed very dwarfing form that is an absolutely fantastic choice for low hedging. Having no main leader shoot, this dwarf Taxus responds well to pruning producing more side shoots as a result.

We first saw this named Taxus at Wisley a few years ago when attending a talk on Buxus hedging alternatives. We waited patiently and now, here it is, on site and available.

Evergreen, robust, hardy, slow growing, bushy habit. Ideal for topiary and small hedging including parterres. This mini-me Taxus really does have it all. Height 1.2m

We have this mini me Taxus in 15-20cm and 20-30cm height for hedging.

Also in stock, some flat topped balls for that topiary look that will need absolute minimal pruning.

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