Lovely Lavender 20% Off - 2 weeks left

Lovely Lavender 20% Off - 2 weeks left

Lavenders. 20% OFF retail prices on all Lavender plants in stock on site between 9th to 31st May.

Now in bud, bloom and blooming lovely.

We have 2L, 5L and 20L sizes to choose from.

Listed in ascending height, we have the following Lavender choices on offer:

  • Snowman. French Lavender. Plump white flowers with white bracts. Height 35cm
  • Introducing Beezee Dark Blue. New to the UK market. English Lavender. Very fragrant dark blue flowers. Aromatic grey-green foliage. Height 40cm
  • Hidcote. English Lavender. Purple-blue flowers. Scented foliage. Height 40cm.
  • Lilac Wings. French Lavender. Compact variety with lilac - purple flowers topped with lilac bracts. Height and spread 40cm.
  • Munstead. English Lavender. Deep blue flowers. Dwarf compact habit. Height 40cm
  • Fathead. French Lavender. Large long lasting dark purple flowerheads. Scented foliage. Height 45cm
  • Edelweiss. Dutch Lavender. White flowers, grey-green foliage. Height 50cm
  • Grosso. Dutch Lavender. Purple flowers, blue-grey foliage. Height 60cm. Larger than most varieties
  • Phenomenal. Dutch Lavender. Purple-blue flowers. Silvery green foliage. Height 60cm
  • Havana. English Lavender. Deep purple flowers. Height 60cm
  • Regal Splendour. French Lavender. Vivid purple bracts. Height 70cm

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