Fantastic range of decorative pots NOW IN

Fantastic range of decorative pots NOW IN

Nothing shows a plant off better than a lovely decorative pot and this range proved so popular that we have stocked up again due to demand.

Check out our range of Glazed pots in a range of sizes to suit many plant sizes.  These pots are ideal for brightening up patios, rooftop plantings, statement pieces and creating a tall planting area in existing planted beds.

Frostproof and decorative, the glazing is hand done to a high finish adding character and that little ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to the overall look. The range of colours means that there should be a finish to suit all colour schemes.

Glazed pots in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and styles:

Egg Pots. A timeless classic that never loses appeal

Todd Square Pots.  A contemporary shape with a modern twist 

Crucible Pots.  Tall rounded pots for an elegant look

Pumpkin Pots.  A curved pot with a slight scallop pattern to the sides

Tall Square Pot.  Statement pots with a square shape that tapers to become narrower to the base.

Glazed Bowls.  Shallow glaze bowls that look fantastic when planted

Our Pot Yard has an exceptional range of pots in a wide choice of colours, finishes and materials.

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