Viburnum tinus

Viburnum tinus

Description: Has been the backbone of gardens for many years. Reliable and easy-to-grow shrubs with dark green foliage and long lasting white flowers in flattened heads from December to April followed by dark bluish black berries. Ideal for brightening partly shady areas when little else is in flower. and providing a backdrop for other ornamental or feature plants.

Climate/Position: Full sun or partial shade. Can be grown in deep shade but will produce less flowers in this situation.

Height/Spread: Up to 3m x 3m if not pruned.

Soil Requirements: Any moist well drained soil.

Pruning: Plants can be left unpruned. If shaping is required then prune after flowering in early summer. Older plants will rejuvenate well if cut back hard in late spring.

Special Requirements:

Over recent years there has been an increasing problem with the incidence of Viburnum Beetle. The larvae (grub) emerge in the spring and can cause considerable leaf damage to the young shoots. Avoiding pruning can help as it reduces the amount of new growth. It is possible to spray in early spring to reduce damage.