Malus domestica 'Lord Lambourne'

Malus domestica 'Lord Lambourne'

Description: A classic old mid season apple with compact habit and is highly recommended for regular and heavy crops.

Brightly coloured fruits crisp white flesh is sweet, juicy and aromatic and is still a worthy popular variety.

Climate/Position: Sunny open position preferred.

Height/Spread: Compact growth suitable for a small garden. See rootstock type for height and spread.

Soil Requirements: See rootstock type for preferred soil.

Pruning: Generally compact easy to manage, however, this will again depend somewhat on rootstock and the trained shape of the plant. Regular pruning in winter as required will ensure high quality fruit. A managed, open shape avoiding bushy foliage will reduce risk of disease.

Special Requirements: Though 'Lord Lambourne' can be self fertile, for best results it is advisable to have more than one apple tree to ensure good pollination. As it is a mid season flowering variety then another mid season flowering variety such as 'Fiesta' or James Grieve' is recommended.

Lord Lambourne was introduced in 1907 and is very much a classic English high-quality dessert apple. Parentage is 'James Grieve' and 'Worcester Pearmain'. This cross has also resulted in two other modern varieties 'Katy' and 'Elton Beauty'. .