Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Winter Sunshine'

Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Winter Sunshine'

Description: A good new form of Lentern Rose with compact habit and pink, flushed white flowers fading to red. The flowers rise above the deep pewter grey foliage from December through to March.

Uses: As with all Hellebore, a partially shaded site is prefered and so shaded borders are woodland gardens are ideal. Also useful for winter colour in containers.

Climate/Position: Ideal conditions are a partially shaded, sheltered spot.

Height/Spread: 45cm x 40cm

Soil Requirements: Slightly alkaline, (high pH)deep humus-rich free-draining is prefered.

Pruning: Older leaves can be removed in late winter to avoid distracting from the flowers.

Special Requirements: All parts of the plant cause severe discomfort if ingested and the sap may cause skin irritation.

Additional Interest: Plant Breeders Rights apply. A complex hybrid raised by tissue culture. This sterile clone is a result of a three way hybrid (H. niger x H.sternii (argutifolius x lividus))