Cornus alba 'Sibirica'

Cornus alba 'Sibirica'

Description: Grown primarily for winter stem colour which can be stunning when seen in winter sun. The brilliant coral red stems will be best if cut to the ground each year in March as it is the new growth which shows the colour. If unpruned can be grown as a small to medium shrub with mid green leaves, white flowers and bluish berries. Less vigorous than some varieties. The bright red stems work well if planted in a group, near water or with other coloured stems.

Climate/Position: Full sun or partial shade. Winter stem colour best in full sun

Height/Spread: Up to 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres if not coppiced. Coppiced plants reach 1-1.5 metres.

Soil Requirements: Prefers moist soils and suited to heavy clays.

Pruning: If grown for winter stem colour, then stems should be cut to within 5-7cm of ground level each year in March, or if preferred select half one year and the other half the following year. this will maintain a structure and be less severe to the plant.

Special Requirements: If coppiced as above, then annual feeding and mulching is recommended to maintain a healthy strong plant as it is being asked to do a lot producing strong new growth each year.