Aucuba japonica 'Golden King'

Aucuba japonica 'Golden King'

Description: A slow –growing evergreen, compact shrub providing colour and structure all year round. Aucuba 'Golden king' is a more heavily spotted shrub than other Aucuba varieties. The large leathery glossy green leaves are splatted with yellow variegation in a more chaotic way Insignificant male purple flowers and therefore no berries. This versatile and widely used shrub suits many conditions but is best in shade.

Climate / Position: Very versatile, noted for shade tolerance but will also grow in partial shade or even full sun.

Height / Spread: Slow-growing it will reach 1.8 metres after ten years if left unpruned.

Soil Requirements: It thrives in most soils, including dry ground near hedges and trees. Avoid waterlogged soils and frost pockets.

Pruning : Shrubs may be left to grow unchecked, or lightly trimmed to shape once annually in late summer, always using secateurs to avoid cutting the large leaves and so spoiling overall appearance of the shrub.

Special Requirements: No Berries - A male variety needed to pollinate female variety

Aucuba japonica Golden King is a male variety, essential as a pollinator for female plants to produce their red berries.