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Buxus Ball Alternatives – Plenty of Options

Topiary balls of all sorts are a staple for use in the garden either to create a formal look, a fluid bouncy effect or as a standalone focal point.  

Traditionally Buxus has been the go to plant for topiary balls but much has changed in the last few years and as a result we have restructured part of the nursery to reflect the much wider plant choice available as topiary balls. 

A tantalising selection of Buxus topiary ball alternatives are held in stock at Provender Nurseries with us being one of the first trade nurseries to champion the virtues of Ilex crenata as a viable alternative over 5 years ago. 

Our newly extended bed holds a wide range of alternative to complement many a design with a range of different plants and different sizes to choose from. 

A small selection of plants that can be found on our Buxus Ball Alternatives bed are highlighted below, these can also be purchased via our Webshop:

  • Azalea Balls.  5 different flowering varieties to choose from.  These look great when in flower. 
  • Osmanthus x burkwoodii.  Evergreen foliage with tough, shiny, ovate leaves.  In spring the very fragrant tubular white flowers are freely produced.  Trim in late summer to keep in shape. 
  • Lonicera nitida Scoop.  Small elegant foliage that responds well to trimming.  Perfect for smaller sized topiary balls.  Lovely colour to the foliage
  • Ilex x meserveae.  4 varieties to choose from with interesting glossy foliage
  • Photinia x fraserii Little Red Robin.  A compact growing variety of Photinia with bright red new growth and much smaller leaves
  • Prunus lusitanica Myrtifolia.  A stalwart in the plant world.  Excellent glossy foliage held on red stems. 
  • Ilex crenata balls.  10 different varieties in over 6 sizes available. 

These are only a selected few of the options on offer.  To check out what else we have on site follow this link – topiary balls

For more Buxus Ball options check out our Factsheet.

Other ball shaped plants are available to choose from including Pinus mugo options and Pittosporum balls that do not require any pruning are held elsewhere on site.   

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