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Common name: Waterlily
Family: Nymphaeaceae

Origin: Species from Europe and North America

Description:  Aquatic perennials which have large heart shaped floating leaves and in summer the wax like flowers are produced over a long period of time.  Colours range from white, creams, yellow, pink and dark red.  The correct variety should be chosen for specific location as there are varieties for water up to 2 metres deep and others for shallow water.  

Uses: A large group of aquatic plants that give colour to ponds and lakes as well as smaller water filled tubs and for indoor pools using the less hardy varieties.  The wide range of types available mean there is something suitable for all watery situations

Climate/Position: Sunny position required to ensure the plants flower well.

Height/Spread: Only 10cm height with spread up to 1.5 metre

Soil Requirements: The plant are generally planted in baskets in loamy soil.  The crowns should be planted just below soil surface and covered with shingle or gravel to weigh the plant down.  Position basket so that it is covered by 15-25 cm of water, as the plants establish lower the plants to twice the initial planting depth.

Pruning: Older leaves may be cut off and removed using a knife on a cane.

Special Requirements: Avoid running water and avoid water splash so not to be used in conjunction with water features such as fountains.

Additional Interest: Varieties may be from Europe, North America and also tropical varieties for indoor use.