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Hydrangea paniculata. Mid-summer Must-have.

Hydrangea paniculata.  Mid-summer Must-have.

Hydrangea paniculata.  

As the name suggest Hydrangea paniculata produce sterile flowers on conical panicles with long-lasting sterile flowers that from mid-summer through to the frosts.  The flower colours on Hydrangea paniculata tend to open one colour (usually white) and then turn pink or green and even red as they mature. 

Paniculata can range in height from 1.5m to 4m.  There has been much plant breeding in the last 8 years or so into producing many different desirable qualities in terms of flower colour and height and the result is great for us, giving us a wider choice for using in different parts of a design.

  • Bombshell: A compact variety reaching 1m in height.  The flowerheads are almost round in comparison to most Hydrangea paniculata.  The flowers are creamy-white with a pale pink eye that becomes more prominent with age. 
  • Bobo: A dwarf variety reaching about 1.2m in height.  Large clusters of white flowers.  Suitable for use at the front of a border and in pots.
  • Fire Light: Truly eye-catching variety with flowers that transform from white to a fiery pink-red during the summer.  Height 1.8m
  • Limelight: A popular choice due to the large flowerheads, each of which is 30cm in size.  The flowers are lime green in colour and mature to deep pink in the autumn months.  Height 3m
  • Little Quick Fire: A compact variety that flowers a little earlier than most paniculata.  The flowers transform from white to pink – red as summer progresses.  Height 1.2m
  • Polar Bear: Lime green flowers turn white in the late summer and then to a delightful dusky-pink in the autumn.  Height 2m
  • Silver Dollar: A real favourite of designers, the flowerheads are held on sturdy stems.  Creamy white flowers that change to pale pink in the autumn months.  Height 3m
  • Vanille Fraise: This lovely choice opens creamy-white which then turn to raspberry pink and then deep red.  Height 1.5m
  • Wim’s Red:  Honey scented flowers that emerge white, age to pink and then mature to red.  Height 2m


Bombshell                                                                                                          Limelight                                 Silver Dollar 


Vanille Fraise                            Fire Light                                     Little Quick Fire