Flamboyant Fantastic Foliage – here come the BIG ones

Flamboyant Fantastic Foliage – here come the BIG ones

These exotic beauties are the order of the day if you want drama and a big bold statement.  Who does not love a large leaf?  That huge foliage that is reminiscent of holidays in tropical climates.  No need to travel anywhere – we have just the ticket in Kent on our cash and carry. 

All the bold leaved options below will need a sunny planting position with some shelter from the wind to enjoy the huge exotic leaves.   

  • Musa basjoo.  Reliable, hardy and exotic.  Huge paddle shaped leaves that emerge from a tall false stem.  If you have visited the tropics you will be familiar with these.  Hardy in the UK
  • Ensete ventricosum Maurelii.  The leaves are bronze-green in colour and can reach up to 3m in length.  Will need winter protection
  • Musa lasiocarpa.  Chinese Yellow Banana is a clump forming banana reaching 2m in height.  Large paddle-shaped leaves are bright green in colour.  Long lasting yellow flowers are produced in the summer too. 
  • Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger.  Huge glossy green with purple- red stripes randomly distributed across the leave accentuate the red midrib.  The leaves are purple below.  Height 4m  
  • Schefflera actinophylla.  Large leathery leaves made up of 5 oblong leaflets.  The leaves are dark green in appearance. 


Musa basjoo.                    Ensete ventricosum Maurelii          Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger        Schefflera actinophylla

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