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Pleached Tree Perfection

Pleached Tree Perfection

Pleached trees are brilliant.  They provide shelter, shade, can block unwanted views in and out, filters for pollution and can be planted as a vertical extension to a fence providing an ornamental screen that is both attractive and practical.   

Pleached trees were traditionally used in formal gardens pleached trees can be used to frame and accentuate walkways, paths and vocal points and very much still have a place in today’s gardens no matter what the style. 

With stems of 180cm or 200cm pleached trees are an obvious choice for when planning permission cannot be sought for taller structures. 

Evergreen pleached tree options are brilliant for providing a backdrop and framework for the rest of a garden.  Each of the plant options highlighted below can also be used as hedging plants thus linking hedging and pleached all in one streamlined appearance.  There are some options to choose from that do more than it appears at first:

Elaeagnus x ebbingei.  180cm stem.   120cm x 120cm head.

Excellent silver leaved evergreen foliage choice with fabulous white heavily scented flowers in the autumn.  The underside of the leaf is almost silver in appearance adding to the attraction when viewed from below. Suits most soils.  Likes a sunny position. 

Photinia x fra. ‘Red Robin’ 180cm stem.  10/12cm girth.  150cm x 150cm head

Larger leaves with bright red new foliage in the spring.  Suitable for most soils.  An excellent all rounder. 

Prunus lusitanica ‘Myrtifolia’ 180cm stem.  10/12cm girth.  120cm x 120cm head

Small compact leaves create a dense screen and perfect for catching pollution in urban environments. 

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