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Magnificent Malus spring show

Magnificent Malus spring show

At the moment the plant world is delighting us all with spring blossom and providing a welcome distraction.  One of the most magnificent plants at this time of year is the humble Malus.

When in full bloom they are a sight to behold and are true pollinating insect magnets.  The Malus in my own garden is awash with bees and scent too. 

Malus are an excellent choice for small gardens, oodles of flower in abundance, small trees of a manageable height, great for pollinating insects and can be used for ornamental and as pollinators for nearby fruit trees.   

We have particularly fallen for 2 varieties this year with interesting colour foliage:

Malus Courtarou.  This is a favourite among garden designers and with deep pink flowers, bronze foliage that turns to burgundy over the summer, wicked autumn colour and reaching a height of 3-5m it is easy to see why

Malus Harry Baker.   Another popular choice due to the large pink flowers, maroon foliage and ruby red fruits in the autumn.  Height 5-7m.  This particular variety is named after Harry Barker, the head of the fruit section at RHS Wisley in the 80’s. 


Malus Courtarou                             Malus Harry Barker