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Wonderful Westringia. Excellent coastal plant

Wonderful Westringia.  Excellent coastal plant

A genus of shrubs from Australia commonly known as Coast Rosemary.  Westringia are easy to grow and easy to place in a border.  They are compact in habit and, as the common name suggests, are fine for use in coastal gardens as they can withstand salt spray. 

Similar in look to Rosemary with slightly smaller leaves and a bushy upright habit, Westringia like a well-drained position and can take direct sun very well.  In coastal and sheltered positions Westringia can be used as a hedge or as excellent plants in decorative containers.  Westringia have a long flowering season and will flower from spring to autumn and are great for attracting bees. 

Westringia fruiticosa Smokie. Westringia fruiticosa. Westringia longifolia.