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Proven Winners - Sparkling Spiraea

Proven Winners - Sparkling Spiraea

The Proven Winners® continues to sparkle with some Spiraea options.  An exceedingly popular plant that is a stalwart of many a garden border.

The Spiraea ‘Double Play’ Series are colour explosions in terms of foliage and flower colour.  All are happy in positions of sun to semi-shade, all reach 65cm in height and benefit from pruning in the spring. 

We just know these are going to be popular. 

  • Spiraea ‘Double Play Big Bang’.  Beautiful foliage glows pink orange in spring then turns to bright yellow green in summer, a great contrast with the big pink flowers.
  • Spiraea ‘Double Play Artist’.  The red coloured young shoots turn into beautiful dark green foliage perfectly showcasing the deep pink summer flowers.
  • Spiraea ‘Double Play Blue Kazoo’.  A real breakthrough with blue coloured foliage.  cool blue foliage, with hints of burgundy and lime in its new growth, turns to rich red in fall. In spring the white flowers add beautiful contrast to this neat mounded plant.
  • Spiraea ‘Double Play Gold’.  The beautiful bright yellow green foliage forms a great contrast with the abundant dark pink flowers.
  • Spiraea ‘Double Play Red’.  A new Spiraea.  The first and only Spiraea with red flowers. Add in showy dark burgundy spring foliage and you've got the perfect “Double Play”! 


Big Bang                                                                                 Artist                                   Blue Kazoo foliage


Blue Kazoo flower                                                                    Gold                                             Red