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WD-40 – Greasing the wheels of maintenance tools.

WD-40 – Greasing the wheels of maintenance tools.

No matter the size of your business looking after your tools and maintenance should be built into the working schedule. 

WD-40 has always been a stalwart and can be found in the back of every truck we load up on site. 

There are some new members to the WD-40 family that can be used for different applications. 

WD-40 Foaming Cleaner.  Cleans resin, sap, dirt and deposits from garden tools and equipment. The foaming action cleaner has a water based citrus formula, cleaning equipment to make them run smoother and last longer.  An excellent choice for cleaning tools between gardens to prevent the spread of pests and disease.

WD-40 General Use Lubricant.  This product gives excellent and lasting lubrication as well as protection. The PTFE based formula helps to reduce friction and wear. Can be used on power tools such as chainsaws.

WD-40 Heavy Duty Grease.  Specialist Heavy Duty Grease. Thick white Lithium based compound, good on metal to metal parts exposed to the elements. Use on trailer tow bars, wheelbarrow bearings, and heavy gates. The thick viscosity helps it to stay where it is applied, good for rotating parts such as lawnmowers.

WD-40 Silicone Lubricant.  Waterproof fast drying. Eliminates sticking and binding. Prevents rust and corrosion