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Amazing Acers

Amazing Acers

Amazing Acers 

Autumn is renowned for the dramatic foliage colours that sing the end of the summer season and signal the start of the shorter days and colder weather.

Autumn is welcomed with open arms at Provender Nurseries with a huge amount of Acer palmatum coming in that changes almost daily in terms of range, form and colour.

One of the best displaying plants in the autumn are Acers.  We just love an Acer and know you do too.  We’ll be highlighting Acers over the next few days to show the depth and range held in stock and available for you.

Acers are pretty low maintenance with only a few requirements needing to be met to keep them happy:

  • Ericaceous soil – regardless of whether in a pot or in the ground your Acer will require ericaceous compost
  • Ericaceous feed – feed in the slate spring with a slow release ericaceous feed.
  • Mulch - mulch in the autumn all Acers with composted bark
  • Plant - in a position that does not receive the morning sun in the spring or spring frosts.  Light dappled shade is ideal
  • Plant – between October to March

Why plant an Acer?

  • Low maintenance
  • Slow growing
  • Perfect for small gardens
  • Great feature plants
  • Ideal for mixed plantings
  • Ideal for planting in containers
  • Huge range of foliage colour and forms to select from

So....... let's have a look a few to choose from over the next few days