Delightful Dahlias

Delightful Dahlias

In the months of August to October Dahlia raise their cheerful heads flowering again and again, attracting bees and generally bringing a smile to all who see them. 

Dahlia are a great late summer filler and fill almost every colour combination that is possible due to extensive breeding over the last few years.  Many also have deep red – purple foliage that also complement the flower colours. 

There are many differing flower forms in the world of Dahlia too – cactus form, double, pompom, anemone and saucer shaped.  Rather than get too complicated in terms of flower form – let’s look at the generous range of colour available.

Cream / White – Bishop of Dover, Café au Lait, Twinings After Eight

Red - Chat Noir, Happy Days Red, Mystic Enchantment

Pink – Fascination, Gallery Rembrandt, Mystic Dreamer

Yellow- Happy Days Lemon, Bishop of York

Purple - Happy Days Purple,  Lubega Power Lavender

Orange – Dahlia Mystic Haze, Power Yellow Orange

Whichever your choice you can guarantee that Dahlia bring sunshine to the garden and blend well with a wide range of flowering herbaceous plants and shrubs. 

Bishop of York  Fascination Gallery Rembrandt  Happy Days Lemon  Lubega Power Lavender 
Bishop of Dover  Lubega Power Yellow / Orange  Mystic Dreamer  Twinings After Eight  Mystic Enchantment