In the Frame

In the Frame

That instant effect is right here.  A range of climbing plants on fan shaped frames ranging from 1.5m to 2.4m in height have just arrived and looking splendid. 

Clematis on frames create an instant wow whether the nodding yellow flowers of Clematis tangutica or the lovely purple flowers of Clematis Venosa Violacea each will fill a gap perfectly.

Lonicera for flower and scent.  We have 3 types in stock all in flower or bud now, ready for your enjoyment and the local bees.   

Garrya elliptica is already forming clusters of grey tassels ready to form a fab winter display.   

Sunny spot?  We have Ceanothus both large-leaved and small leaf varieties now in stock.  Perfect for a sunny wall or fence.

Fancy some fruit against a wall?  Try the Fig Brown Turkey or the Kiwi ‘Solo’ which is self fertile and needs no other pollinator

Pyracantha are positively dripping with berry ready to dazzle in the autumn months

Autumn colour needed?  The stunning red leaves of either Parthenocissus quinquefolia or Vitis coignetiae will fill that criteria in the autumn. 

Something to sniff?  Rosa New Dawn, Climbing Iceberg or Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere will fill the air with scent at this time of year and flower their scented socks off!