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The Cutting Edge - Topiary Shears

The Cutting Edge - Topiary Shears

Good quality Topiary Shears are a must for a clean cut finish when pruning.  The right tools for the right job make pruning and trimming topiary a pleasure and not a chore. 

Lightweight tools are an excellent choice when pruning large amounts of topiary or reaching to the higher parts or slightly awkward areas in topiary plants. 

We have selected one particular item from our stock range to show you the latest advances in cutting edge technology (sorry – could not resist it!). 

Stainless Steel Shears.  We use on site on our cloud topiary when we are pruning.  An extremely lightweight shear weighing less than 700g.  These well balanced shears have super sharp stainless steel blades and strong alloy handles with shock absorbing buffers to prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury).  The contoured handles ensure comfort during prolonged use.  Also has a tension adjuster to keep pressure tight.  Zohreh does all of our topiary pruning on site using these shears and swears by them.  A snip at £30.00…… oh no I’m off again.