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Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024

In aid of Earth Day, we thought we would highlight some of the sustainable initiatives we have implemented here at Provender Nurseries over the past few years.

  • Our own production range of plants are grown in peat-free compost and kerb recyclable pots
  • All cardboard and soft plastic onsite is compressed, baled and sent for recycling to Environmental First Ltd. We also recycle wood and metal
  • We use various types of electric vehicles. We have 4 electric buggies, 4 electric fork lifts, 4 electric pump trucks and an electric van to reduce the amount of diesel used on site
  • All of the trolleys loaded with plants for customer deliveries are protected with reusable jackets helping to reduce plastic consumption
  • We collect rain water onsite and also use weather stations to reduce water consumption in rainy weather
  • Our transport team organise deliveries in a specific way and plan each route accordingly to reduce the amount of diesel we use

We’re doing what we can where we can to help make a positive difference to our planet.

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