Amelanchier season is here

Amelanchier season is here

From 3L to 350cm we have an Amelanchier choice just right for you.

One of the most popular trees there is. Dripping with flower in spring, colourful emerging foliage.

lamarckii. Young, copper -red leaves turning green in summer then orange-red in autumn. White flowers in spring in abundance

canadensis. Star shaped white flowers in March and April and intense autumn colour.

Ballerina. An abundance oof white flowers in spring.

Robin Hill. Pink buds open to white flowers in spring. Great autumn colour.

Rainbow Pillar. The fantastic autumn colour of red, orange and yellow gives this Amelanchier choice its name. Clusters of pretty white flowers in spring.

Obelisk. Narrow, upright columnar habit. Racemes of white flowers with green centres in April. Bronze autumn foliage. Green leaves, grey beneath.

Whatever your choice and with our excellent choice, why choose anywhere else?

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