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Magnolias – great for spring interest

Magnolias – great for spring interest

Out of all the hardy flowering trees and shrubs, magnolias, are perhaps the most spectacular. The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers.

For the Magnolia connoisseur:

  • Magnolia sieboldii is a delight to behold with fragrant white cup-shaped flowers from June to August followed by spectacular crimson fruits. Height 2.5m.
  • Magnolia wilsonii. Magnolia wilsonii flowers droop but are well worth laying on the ground for! Pendant white cup-shaped flowers with crimson stamens in late spring and early summer. Height 8m. Be quick, this one is low in stock!
  • Magnolia ‘Daphne’ has light yellow tulip-shaped flowers in mid to late spring.
  • Magnolia 'Elizabeth'. A deciduous tree with conical habit and fragrant yellow flowers, fading to cream, in spring. Eventual height 12m, spread 8m.
  • Magnolia 'Heaven Scent’. Spreading deciduous tree or large shrub. Goblet shaped flowers - pink outside, white inside. Mid-spring to early summer. Glossy mid-green leaves. Height and Spread to 10m.


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