Rubus thibetanus - Tree Tuesday

Rubus thibetanus - Tree Tuesday

Rubus thibetanus has the glorious common name of Ghost Bramble. The stems at this time of year are highly ornamental and are widely used in gardens that are open to the public in winter.

No need to keep this ornamental bramble to the paying public, there is always room in a winter interest border. We have seen these planted to great effect against sturdy Taxus hedges which really bring out the stem colour against the dark green backdrop.

When in leaf, the silver-grey foliage and small purple flowers are held on dramatically arching stems creating a great structure that can reach 2m in height and spread. The blue-white bloom on the stems comes alive in the winter when the leaves have dropped.

Plant in full sun to semi-shade for the best stem colour.

The stems can be pruned back in late winter – early spring allowing new growth to be freely produced for more cracking stem colour next winter.

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