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GOING GREEN. Fertilisers

GOING GREEN.  Fertilisers


Maxicrop Fertilisers.  This range of fertilisers has always been popular as far back as I can remember.  Maxicrop products are approved for use by the Soil Association for organic growing.  Maxicrop fertilisers work by improving the root system allowing it to take up more nutrients and water resulting in greener leaves that in turn promote more healthy growth. 

Maxicrop Original Natural Feed is a multi-purpose feed for use on shrubs, herbaceous, fruit, lawns and vegetables resulting in healthier plants.  This feed can be applied in a watering can or in a sprayer.  This product can also be used on lawns during the growing season to improve turf growth. 

Maxicrop Plus Sequestered Iron is a combination of Maxicrop Seaweed base plus 2% iron fertiliser that is soluble in water.  It is commonly used to correct iron deficiency, green up leaves and improve flower colour.  It is formulated for use on acid loving plants including Azalea, Camelia, Skimmia and Rhododendron.  This is an excellent product in difficult soil conditions. 

Maxicrop Tomato Fertiliser is a mix of seaweed extract and potassium enriched producing a feed that improves yield, quality and taste of Tomatoes.  This feed also helps the roots to establish and thus improve resistance to environmental stress (dry conditions).   This can also be used on bedding plants to improve and encourage the production of flowers. 

Alongside Maxicrop and pet friendly lawn fertilisers we also hold a wide selection of other GOING GREEN fertilisers.  

6X Pelleted Chicken Fertiliser is organic virtually odour free chicken manure pellets. Up to eight times more concentrated than traditional farmyard manure. Apply at 140 - 200g per square metre.

6X Fibrous Natural Fertiliser 100% organic fertiliser.  Composted, milled and oven heated at over 200 C to produce a safe and economical product. One bag will treat up to 250 square metres. A handful will go a long way. No other fertiliser is needed. It's ideal for lawns, roses, flowers, vegetables, fruit and shrubs. It conditions soil, breaks clay. It's easy and safe to handle.  Analysis:  Nitrogen (N) 5.8% / Phosphorous (P) 3.5% / Potassium (K) 3%.   pH 6.8

Of course we still hold in stock the more traditional fertilisers such as Blood, Fish & Bone, Bonemeal, Sulphate of Ammonia, Sulphate of Iron, Sulphate of Potash and Superphosphate.  Follow this link to our full range of Fertilisers held in stock.