Newest Provender Nurseries team member

Newest Provender Nurseries team member

Provender Nurseries would like to introduce our latest addition to the team, Grant Beerling

Grant joins Provender Nurseries as Commercial Sales and will be managing the accounts for Landscape Architects and town planners and will be attending relevant trade shows.  Grant is already working closely with existing Landscape Architect clients of Provender Nurseries working on large projects in London.   

Grant is a highly experienced Senior Landscape Architect with a long track record in the industry and brings with him an insight and deep passion for all things design. 

With an ambition to promote the importance of people centric design, Grant will continue to study for a research Masters in Architecture (Reading the neoliberal city) whilst expanding the Landscape Architect contacts with Provender Nurseries. 

Grant may be familiar to many in the industry with his wealth of experience as a company owner, teacher of CAD and having worked with large landscaping firms. 

Richard Burt, Sales Director says ‘Having known Grant for a long time I am delighted to have him join us at Provender Nurseries.  Grant is extremely keen and is already dealing with large volume, long timeline projects with some of our Landscape Architect clients.  He brings with him vast experience in landscape design on a large scale and a passion for people centric design in town spaces.’

If you have any projects you would like to discuss with Grant, please contact via email on or phone on 01322 662 315

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